Lubricant Services

Key Ports:

With a continuously expanding supply network in all key ports worldwide, we are prepared to offer excellent service and significantly improved prices via all major and various independent suppliers. Based on our long established relationships with major suppliers, ship owners have the benefit to cover their vessels’ lubricant requirements in the most competitive prices that derive from our constantly updated market knowledge and experience.

Other Ports:

An additional benefit to our service (mainly for the bulk carriers and tankers that actually cannot predict the future port of calls throughout the year) is that we can secure competitive prices at many peripheral ports (not only a typical  fleet contract offering good prices at 5 or 10 key ports). This could dramatically improve the total year cost regarding the purchased lubricants.

Med Sea Countries: Spain, Gibraltar, Algeciras, Italy, Malta, Turkey, Egypt, Israel are some of our strong areas of our company in which we provide the best prices in the marine market.

India & China:  Working locally with major suppliers, we can offer competitive prices and can cover most prompt enquiries for any emergency needs.

Eastern Countries & Russian Ports: Working with major supplier, we have the highly  competitive prices which are combined with excellent service (i.e.  heated tank trucks, prompt deliveries) to supply the vessels during cargo operations.

West & South Africa: We are proud to offer you competitive prices with imported products from reputable brands.

New Buildings:

We are fully prepared to assist in the procedure of a newbuilding. Due to the fact that the decision of choosing the most suitable lubricant supplier can be affected by the following factors, we are able to provide shipowners with accurate and thorough technical advice regarding the below parameters:

Newbuilding Shipyard/ Area
Availability and costs

Different Worldwide Availability of Specific Brand

Vessel Type i.e LNG/ Passenges/ Ro Ro/ Tankers/ Bulk Carriers/ Containers
Different engine types and demands affecting supply pattern and approvals

Engine Guarantee
For the initial period, the newbuilding shall need approved oils and supplies under the same brand

Expected Trading Areas

First Filling Bonus
Helping owner to maintain initial financing and predictably steady prices according to the suppliers’ Internation Price List (IPL)