Palymer Trading Ltd is an active marine trading lubricants company, established in Cyprus with its head offices in Greece.

Our success is based on the market knowledge of its executives as we constantly update our lubricants prices to provide our customer with improved offers against any previously existing contracts.

Besides our excellent service on key ports, we provide our customers with many alternative supply solutions at peripheral ports with direct contract to major and local suppliers. Therefore, shiponwners have the benefit of the best prices along with prompt service.

Safe cooperation with direct payments

We are pleased to offer you with selected suppliers in almost any port worldwide and always secure a safe cooperation with our direct payments to physical suppliers. We always provide our customer with comprehensive supply solutions to meet vessels’ lubricant needs.


We strongly believe that we could improve lubricants’ buying prices at your existing supply pattern and also to discover alternative supply opportunities that could significantly improve the service and the costs of your lubricants needs. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to meet any global lubricant requirements